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Welcome to Freedom Transportation, your number one source for all things logistics. We're dedicated to providing you the best of transportation in your area , our key focus is on dependability. customer service, and having happy drivers.

We believe that if its in a store, chances are, it was brought there by a truck. 


Now hiring owner operators

 Drop shipments (pre -loaded trailers) currently represent the majority of Fortune 500 company shipments. To date, most of these shipments have been serviced by large asset-based carriers. Freedom Transportation enables any owner-operator in the U.S. that qualify's for our exclusive owner operator model to operate at the same level as large asset-based carriers, in terms of fleet utilization, service levels and access to shipments. With our drop & hook marketplace, Freedom transportation creates a seamless “grab and go” system, where O/O simply bring their power unit (a truck’s engine and cab), pick up a pre-loaded trailer, and hit the road. To accomplish this, Freedom leverages its Universal Trailer Pool, a nationwide pool of  trailers that can be used by any driver in Freedoms network, with no rental fees 


Auditing service

While no one likes to go through a surprise audit. Staying on top of regulations and paperwork is one of the most important items that a trucking company can do. The second, is to outsource this expertise to get fresh eyes and find the missing data. We spend the time to get to know your company, while also identifying potential growth strategies. We are experts at IFTA auditing, New Entrant audits, as well as FMCSA in house audits. Contact us today for more information. Let our experience help your customers. 


  Our drayage division offers full service drayage operations 24 hours a day & seven days a week throughout Kansas and the Midwest.  Our current services include heavy weight container moves using specialized equipment such as tri-axle chassis and quad axle tractors.  Our specialized equipment is used to increase allowable gross vehicle weight for your containers.  Freedom Transportation, inc is strategically located 10 miles from the new BNSF Edgerton,KS terminal. This offers us an advantage to extract or deliver containers  rail yards in our area.  With our yard near these locations, we have the ability to respond to our customer's "hot" containers. 


End Dump



Precast Aggregates – Stone, Gravel and Sand

Landscape Materials – Stone, Cobbles, Boulders and Mulch


Salt and De-icers

Precast Aggregates 
Stone, Gravel and Sand
Salt and De-icers

Precast Aggregates Stone, Gravel and Sand Salt and De-icers

Trailer Spotting

Trailer Spotting

 Trailer-spotting service is just as important to the supply chain when guaranteeing the delivery of customer goods on time.

Here at Freedom Transportation we always put your customers first.  We are committed to remaining flexible and providing yard management services catered to your specific needs. Even in your busiest time of the year, requiring a lot of deliveries, we’re by your side to make the processes as easy as possible. We have the experience needed to keep up with your demand. When you need your trailers transported from facility to facility, or a customized approach we can solve your most complex supply chain issue in a timely matter.